Safari’s New Reading Lists Are Glorified Bookmarks – Not Instapaper Killers

When Apple announced iOS 5 earlier this week, a lot of the discussion after the announcement was about the third-party tools Apple may have killed by copying a good part of their functionality. One of the most obvious candidates for this death row was Instapaper, the popular tool that allows its users to easily save articles for later and then displays them in a pleasant, text-centric view without ads or widgets. With Safari’s new Reading List feature, which also allows users to bookmark stories, sync them between computers and then read them later, it did indeed look as if Apple was going to put a stake through Instapaper’s heart. After spending some time with Safari on iOS, though, I can’t help but feel that Apple’s tool is far too limited to pose a real challenge to Instapaper.

Reading Lists: Just Specialized Bookmarks

safari_cant_openApple’s Reading Lists are basically just glorified bookmarks. While Instapaper lets you save articles in its easy to read text-only view, Reading Lists don’t make use of Reader, Apple’s new text-only mode for Safari at all. Reading Lists just take you to the original article and then you have to click the Reader button – Instapaper already formats the story for easy reading. Even if you add an article to your Reading List while you’re using Safari’s Reader feature, you will still just get a bookmark to the original page.

Another problem with Apple’s tool is that there doesn’t seem to be an offline mode. iOS 5 is obviously still in beta and this could change, but for now, you can’t save a few articles before you leave and then read them on the plane. That leaves Instapaper or its close competitors Read It Later and Readability as the only real option for those who want convenient offline reading.

This, combined with the fact that you will have to use Safari on the desktop to make use of this feature, makes me think that Instapaper can only profit from Apple’s efforts. As users get frustrated with the limitations of Apple’s Reader and Reading List, they will likely look to Instapaper and Co. as alternatives.

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9 Replies to “Safari’s New Reading Lists Are Glorified Bookmarks – Not Instapaper Killers”

  1. @zatoGibson it’s pretty easy to find the files if you look for them in the right places. I’d rather not go into details where to find them, but a quick Google search for something like ‘imzdl’ should take you there.

  2. I figured that one out just from looking at the features. Have no idea how the whole “This is going to kill Instapaper” thing came about. Offline caching is the killer feature that makes it worth paying for. Plus, I can use Instapaper in any browser I want, instead of just Safari.

  3. Apples newest announce iOS5, it is really incredible that have a various features and applications but it truly kills any good part of the functionality of instapaper. About safari’s new reading lists sounds new to me but I guess it is much better than iOS5.

  4. iOS5 was the latest version of Apple it was very good in all applications but it kills instapaper which really very important to have. Good thing to hear about Safari’s new reading list it was great and awesome!

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