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Google, Bing and Co. have long worked hard on making search as easy and fast as possible. Thanks to instant search, previews, smart snippets and other tools, getting to your search results has never been faster. The Germany-based developers behind weren’t satisfied with this though, as they realized that most users still spend a lot of time on just getting to the right search engine for their queries. Just like the name implies, lets you use slashtags like “/flickr” and “/gmail” to immediately start a search on the search engine of your choice. offers its own website, but chances are that you will want to install it as the default search engine in your browser. The developers offer easy to follow instructions for doing so here. The service, of course, also allows you to set a default search engine it will fall back to whenever you don’t enter a slashtag.

For most searches, saves you at least one click. Instead of going to first and then typing in your query there, for example, you can just type “Berlin /w” into your favorite browser’s search form and see the query’s result right away. currently offers support for over 60 sites and search engines, including virtually all of Google’s and Bing’s properties, as well as Flickr,, Greplin, Amazon, iTunes, IMDB and Netflix. You can find a full list of all the slashtags associated with these sites here.


[via: Search Engine Land]