Study: Pinterest Now Drives More Referral Traffic Than Twitter

It looks like 2012 will be Pinterest's year to shine. Even if it's not your cup of tea, you can't ignore that fact that it is one of the fastest growing startups ever. According to the latest data from online sharing tool Shareaholic, Pinterest has now reached the point where it drives more referral traffic to other sites than Twitter. This puts it right behind Google, Facebook, Yahoo and StumbleUpon with regards to referral and search traffic. Just a month ago, Twitter still beat Pinterest by a very thin margin.

Shareaholic's data is based upon analytics from 200,000 publishers in its catalog which reach about 270 million unique visitors per month. 

Pinterest, of course, is meant to be a site that gets people to click through to third-party sites, but it's interesting that this small startup is already leaving Twitter far behind at this point. What remains interesting, too, is how StumbleUpon continues to quietly dominate these statistics.

Shareaholic doesn't specify what types of sites these services are referring traffic to, but chances are that Pinterest and Twitter are aiming for slightly different audiences. 

Google+ is Doing About as Well as Yahoo Answers…

Besides Pinterest and Twitter, the report also takes a look at how Google+ is doing with regard to how much referral traffic it generates. The numbers there are not very encouraging. According to Shareaholic's data, "referral traffic from Google Plus held steady at .05% of all traffic from January to February. For context, that’s the same percentage of traffic referred by Yahoo Answers."

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  1. Reply kosso March 8, 2012 12:04 pm

    Case in (pin)point :

    Shared using ‘ShotPin’ from 😉

  2. Reply mrjamescarson March 8, 2012 12:30 pm

    @yesiamben haha I suggested shareaholic data was lame in my post. It is.

    • Reply yesiamben March 8, 2012 12:30 pm

      @mrjamescarson 🙂

    • Reply JanetAronica March 9, 2012 11:09 am

      @mrjamescarson Want to link me to your post? As the person who collected it I’m happy to defend the Shareaholic data.

  3. Reply ZacharyRD March 8, 2012 16:21 pm

    This should read “Pinterest drives more traffic through Shareaholic than…” which probably says a lot more about Shareaholic than it does about Twitter or Pinterest. I would truly be shocked if Pinterest drove move traffic, without caveats, than Twitter. It’s just not believable, and leads me to question what the sample bias of the data point is.

  4. Reply evangoer March 8, 2012 17:35 pm

    @malpern That’ll change when we ship our new All Y! Answers All The Time Universal Header. You heard it here first.

  5. Reply javascriptsandmore March 8, 2012 21:21 pm

    Pinterest is driving traffic to my site, however not as much as Google+ right now. I add in my URL to all my pins in the description, so when my followers and other members re-pin my pins and tweet them it creates more links. I wrote more about it here:

  6. Reply ZacFerarer March 31, 2012 00:10 am

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    Check this: Pinterest sent more traffic..

  7. Reply 2bmyownboss May 15, 2012 20:47 pm

    I found secret drive more traffic than anything

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