TabTimes: Get Ready for a Tablet-Based Magazine About Tablets

Tablets haven’t yet brought a massive new revenue stream for magazine publishers, but they are among the most compelling use cases for this new generation of personal computers. TabTimes, a new tablet-based magazine for the iPad, is about to launch later this fall which – as the name implies – will be about nothing but tablets. The team behind this new publication has worked for print magazines like Maximum Tech, Maximum PC, PC Magazines and a number of other major publishers in the tech space.

At first glance, starting a magazine about tablets sounds like yet another harbinger of a bubble. I think there is actually something intriguing about the idea, however, especially because the team plans to focus less on gaming and personal usage, and more on the use of tablets in business settings. That may make it less interesting for a general audience, but will likely allow the publishers to attract higher-paying advertisers.

It looks like TabTimes won’t have a major web component. Instead, at least according to the information I received, the idea is that TabTimes “will also be one of the first, and few, pure tablet publications providing original content geared for a business audience.”