Techmeme Gets a New Look

Tech new aggregator Techmeme just gave it self a major makeover. While the site's utility was always (relatively) undisputed, it never won any design awards. As the site's founder Gabe Rivera notes in his announcement, this redesign is mean to make the site look "less cluttered and encumbered."

Where did the Underlined Links Go?

Among other things, the new site does away with underlined links, but the most radical changes are in the overall layout of the site. Instead of a two-column design that put the main stories in a large column on the left and new stories, sponsored posts and job ads in a sidebar on the right, the new design now features the sponsored posts more prominently in a column to the right of the main stories and the new stories in a smaller sidebar on the far right side of the page.


This new layout does take away the focus from the newest stories on the site a bit, though, and, just like GigaOm's Om Malik, I would have preferred it if the position sponsor and newest stories column was swapped.

It's now also easier to expand the list of related stories in the discussion section and the tweet functionality has now been moved to Twitter's standard "tweet" button that makes tweeting a story a two-click affair (though it doesn't allow for editing the headline).

In addition to all of this, the site also introduced a new About page today, which explains Techmeme's curation process in a bit more detail and also highlights the site's editors.

The other members of the Techmeme family, including the politics-focused Memeorandum and the media news-centric Mediagazer will get this redesign as well, though it's not clear when exactly this will happen. 

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