ToneCheck for Gmail and Outlook Makes Sure Your Emails Sound Just Right

New plugin for Gmail lets you make sure your emails can’t be easily misinterpreted.

Nonverbal communication isn’t easy. Emails, which are often written in haste can sometimes become minefields of easily misinterpreted sentences that can undermine your relationship with friends, clients and prospective customers. To fight this, sentiment analysis provider Lymbix is launching ToneCheck, a new browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, today. ToneCheck also offers an Outlook plugin for those who prefer Microsoft’s email client.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with the regular Gmail and Outlook interfaces and analyzes your emails in real time as you type them.  The software then warns authors of “any words or phrases that might be perceived as aggressive, nasty, humiliating or any other negative emotion.” You can also choose how sensitive they want the algorithm to be and even allow the software to learn about their email habits and so that it will only flag emails and phrases that are unusual for your writing style.

For the time being, the pro version of the software is available for free, though in the long run, it will cost $10 per year.


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