Unfiltered Search: Upstart Search Engine DuckDuckGo Gives Itself a Redesign

DuckDuckGo never struck me as the right name for a search engine that wants to be taken seriously, but once you get over the name, you will find that it's actually a very good search engine  – especially if you are looking for basic search engine that presents you with uncluttered, unfiltered search results. Just a few days after Google launched its Google+-centric updates, DuckDuckGo unveiled its new look today, which brings an even cleaner design to the site.

One feature I always liked about DuckDuckGo is the fact that it will often highlight the "official site" when you search for a website or brand. What really makes it stand out, though, is that the design is highly configurable. Don't like the basic layout with favicons on the side? Just turn it off. Don't like the colors? Just change them. Don't like ads? Just turn them off.

Blekko at DuckDuckGo

Sure, DuckDuckGo's index could be a bit larger and fresher at times, but for most search queries, it's a nice alternative to Google, Bing and Yahoo, especially if you aren't a fan of the "socialization" of search these days and just want unfiltered search results.

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  1. What’s interesting about duckduckgo is that whenever I use it I still seem to encounter the exact same results as I would have in google – that have nothing to do with what I’m looking for.

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