WikiLeaks: Got Secret Money in a Swiss Bank Account? Start Worrying

Earlier this morning, a disgruntled employee of the private Swiss bank Julius Baer handed over two CDs with the data of “2000 prominent people” to Wikileaks, which is currently vetting this information and will likely post it online within the next few weeks. The disks contain information about the financial transactions of “financial firms and wealthy individuals” from countries including the UK, U.S., and Germany.


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told the press earlier today that the group will likely hand the data over to other groups like the Tax Justice Network and financial media outlets to help WikiLeaks vet the information before it is posted online.

According to Reuters, the whistleblower, Rudolf Elmer (55), used to be the head of Julius Baer’s office in the Cayman Islands until he was fired in 2002. Elmer was one of the first whistleblowers to use WikiLeaks when he handed over the first batch of his data to the then-obscure site in 2007.

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  1. How come I hear more often about what wiki-leaks is going to release rather than what they have released? They promised a huge leak on Bank of America and somehow behind the scenes they decided not too? What’s worse Asange has damning information on Murdoch and Fox new and rather than setting the information free as his leakers intended he’s using it as his own personal protection, which he calls “insurance.” It seems the same forces of personal greed that created the need for wikileaks in the first place is infecting and derailing wikileaks very ability to leak in the first place? Is this going to change? Who in wiki-leaks is outspoken about their failings to release material because of self-interest and personal gain?

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