Wikipedia Beautifier Beautifies Wikipedia

Wikipedia is undoubtedly among the most useful websites on the Internet, but it definitely is not among the prettiest. Its utilitarian design does the trick, but it doesn’t exactly look inviting. If you are a Chrome user, however, a new extension now makes the site far more readable. The Readability-inspired Wikipedia Beautifier fades out all the extra crud around the text and allows you to fully focus on the article itself.

One nice aspect of the extension is that all of Wikipedia’s features are still available. Just mouse over the top or left of the page and they will fade in.

Here is the full list of its features of the extension, which was developed by Berlin-based programmer Scott Wheeler: [list]

  • Swaps out the content fonts to nice, big, serif fonts
  • Fades out the navigation bars to the top and left when not in use
  • Justifies text and adds automatic hyphenation
  • Makes a handful of margin adjustments to make things line up in more presentable ways[/list]

To install this extension, just head over here and look for the “click here to install the Chrome extension” link in the middle of the page.wikipedia_prettier