Wikipedia Is Down – How am I Supposed to do My Homework?

Among the sites that have decided to take their services down completely in protest of the U.S. government's proposed "anti-piracy" bills SOPA and PIPA, Wikipedia is without doubt the one with the largest mainstream following. Quite a few of its users were obviously surprised by today's complete blackout and are now taking to Twitter to voice their confusion and anger. It's worth noting, though, that the online encyclopedia's users aren't angry and confused about SOPA and PIPA, but about the fact that Wikipedia is "down."

Students are unsurprisingly pretty unhappy that writing their essays has suddenly gotten harder without Wikipedia. Few of them are actually talking about SOPA, though there is a smattering of comments about it here and there. Mostly, though, they are worried about getting their homework done in time. 

Here is a little sampling of reactions to Wikipedia's decision to close down for the day:

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5 Replies to “Wikipedia Is Down – How am I Supposed to do My Homework?”

  1. These kids seems to miss the irony in their statements. They are experiencing precisely what could happen to WikiPedia and other web sites if SOPA/PIPA becomes law.

  2. Are the posters above me serious? Just disable JavaScript in your browser for and you will be able to use it perfectly normaly.

  3. @rlux Indeed. The college I’m attending doesn’t allow Wikipedia for research/reference. We have peer-reviewed databases & books for that! 🙂

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