WPtouch Now Also Makes Your WordPress Blogs Look Great on the iPad

If you run a WordPress site, chances are you are using some kind of plugin to reformat your design for mobile devices. One of the most popular plugins for doing so is WPtouch from BraveNewCode. The tool is available in a somewhat limited free version and a paid pro version ($39). Until now, though, WPtouch only supported mobile phones like the iPhone and Android devices, but starting today, it will also support iPads.

The new iPad theme gives users access to all the typical WordPress features (comments, search, menus, pages etc.) and allows more advanced users to easily customize their themes. The new version also allows the iPad users among your readers to create a web app that they can save on their home screens and use to launch your site in full-screen mode without the browser chrome.

Missing in the iPad design, though, is support for mobile ads. As BraveNewCode’s “design guru” Dale Mugford notes, “both AdSense and AdMob currently don’t work on the iPad,” but the company plans add support for custom ads in a forthcoming update.

As we noted earlier today, tablet sales are going to increase rapidly over the next few years, so getting your site ready for this is imperative.