Catching Up: The Best Tech Stories of the Day (7/12)

Every weekday, we round up the best tech stories of the day. Some of these already got wide-spread attention, others remained under the radar. Most importantly, though, we try to select stories that go beyond the news and provide in-depth reviews and analysis.

Today’s Headlines: Netflix Raises its Prices, Internet Domain Seizures and the Inside Story of the Skype/Microsoft Deal

The biggest story of the day is clearly Netflix’s announcement that it is uncoupling its DVD and streaming plans, which, depending on how you use Netflix, could result in a price increase if you still need both, or a slight decrease if you just want streaming or DVDs. While this story dominated the tech news coverage today, we also found a number of other interesting stories, including an in-depth discussion of Internet domain seizures by the U.S. federal government and an interview with Google’s Open Source Manager Chris DiBona, in which he talks about Android’s Linux heritage.

Best of the Day (7/12) in Best / Frederic Lardinois (fredericl)