CNN Now Offers Live Video Streams of its Cable Channels - If You Subscribe to Cable

The only thing I’ve been missing since cancelling my cable subscription and going Internet-only is access to cable news. Today, CNN announced that it is now the first cable news network to stream all of its programming live online and on mobile. That, of course, made me hope that I could now watch CNN in the background while surfing the net, but the reality is that CNN’s two channels (CNN itself and HLN) will only be available to those who already subscribe to cable (or a “multi-channel video service” as the cable industry likes to call it).

Specifically, CNN is working with AT&T, Comcast, Cox, DISH Network, Suddenlink and Verizon. As long as you are subscribed to one of their products, you can access the “live video” tab on CNN’s new online video player and in its mobile app. If you are not, you are out of luck.

I would happily give CNN a few dollars every month to get access to their streams, but as of now, I don’t even get the choice to do so. Thankfully, though, CNN will continue to provide free access to up to four live streams from breaking news events and on-demand access to video clips.