Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo Now Available

Just a week after the general release of Firefox 4 for the desktop, Mozilla just released the latest mobile version of its browser for Android and the Maemo-powered Nokia N900. Mozilla was relatively late in embracing mobile platforms with Firefox, but in terms of features, this latest release brings it up to par with other mobile browsers like Opera Mobile and the popular Dolphin browser.

For Android devices, the browser weighs in at about 13MB, making it one of the larger downloads for a mobile browser. We haven’t been able to test the browser yet ourselves, but it is worth noting that many users in the Android Market already complain that the browser feels rather slow on their devices.

Here are some of the key features of Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo: [list]

  • streamlined interface
  • faster than any previous version of Firefox for a mobile device thanks to support for Mozilla’s JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine
  • support for multi-core CPUs, which are slowly becoming more common in mobile devices now
  • support for Firefox Sync to keep your online and offline bookmarks, as well as open tabs, history, form data and passwords in sync
  • customization with Firefox mobile add-onsFirefox Mobile Features
  • “awesome screen,” which is similar to the awesome bar on the desktop and learns which sites you most often browse to and makes them available with a few tabs
  • support for Firefox Personas to customize the look of your browser
  • one-touch bookmarking
  • tabbed browsing
  • full screen view [/list]

Typing awesomescreen screen png  PNG Image 600x1024 pixels  Build 20110318052756Tabbed browsing screen png  PNG Image 600x1024 pixels  Build 20110318052756