Google Gets into Fashion Trends with New Analytics Features for

Remember, Google’s shopping site for fashion goods that launched in November 2010? Unless you are a regular Vogue reader and can’t wait for the New York Fashion Week to begin, chances are you don’t, but the site is doing quite well and Google just launched a number of new features for Most interestingly, Google is bringing some of its core competencies to the site by introducing two Google’s Analytics-like features called Designer Analytics for its partners and Trend Analytics for the rest of us.

According to Google, “Designer Analytics shows what colors, shapes and patterns are most loved and hated broadly (in categories such as shoes, dresses and handbags) and even down to how specific items are performing. Designers can also see how their stats compare to brands like them.”

In addition to this, now also features Trend Analytics, which are available to all users and meant to give “curious fashionistas a view into the latest, site-wide fashion trends.” Thanks to this, you can now easily find out what this year’s hottest colors, products and must-have trends are without having to wait for Anna Wintour to tell you what to buy.

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Google also made some other updates to, including enhanced photo galleries and the ability to upload videos for its partners.