Pearltrees Puts Its Sharing Features into Hyperdrive

Paris-based Pearltrees just launched a nice update to its online curation service that takes its sharing features to a new level. Indeed, the Pearltrees team has decided to call this feature “Hyper-Share” to emphasize that you can now effortlessly syndicate anything you save to your Pearltrees account to Twitter and Facebook as well.

Better Embeds

Here on this site, we’ve been using Pearltrees to curate some of the best tech stories of the day over the last few weeks. To do so, we’ve been using Pearltrees’ embed function. That feature, too, received some nice updates today. Embeds now allow Pearltrees users (and non-users!) to pick the most interesting “pearls” and copy them to their own accounts with just one click. In addition, posting a pearltree from an embed to Facebook now also just takes a few clicks and users can sign up for Pearltrees right from the embed as well.

If you’re not familiar with how Pearltrees works, take a look at the embed below. The basic idea here is that you can curate anything you find on the web and then organize it in an easy to use tree-like structure.

Best of Today (6/29) in Best / (fredericl)

As Pearltrees founder Patrice Lamothe notes, “with this release Pearltrees’ community of curators can finally demonstrate the true value they add by curating content created by others.”

Pearltrees currently has about 150,000 users, who have organized about 7 million links since the company’s inception in early 2009. I’ve been a big fan of the company’s product since I first took a look at it in Pearltrees’ Paris offices in 2009. Making it easier for users to syndicate their content out to other networks will hopefully give Pearltrees a bit of additional exposure, too.